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Focusing on Fascia to Improve Chronic Pain

Recently, since the First International Fascia Research Congress held at Harvard in 2007,  fascia has emerged as an important topic of interest in the fields of physical medicine and rehabilitation, pain control, aging and sports. While this focus on the role of fascia in aging and sports is relatively new, many of us have been aware of the importance of fascia in the treatment of chronic pain for Read more [...]
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Sibling Fighting

Recently, we received a call from a concerned parent wanting to know if we had classes for a 12 year old who continually fights with her 4 year old brother. Interesting concept that any 12 year old would take a class on how NOT to fight with a younger sibling. This attitude that the problem lies with the child and not the parenting approach is a common one. Problems like these are easily solved Read more [...]
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