Parenting Babies and Toddlers Online Class

It's now available! This new class for parents of babies and toddlers has arrived. We have added this new class to our list of age specific parenting classes. In this class parents have the opportunity to learn the principles of positive discipline as it applies to very young children. This class helps parents distinguish between spoiling a new baby and attending to his needs and what is the difference Read more [...]
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Time Management – helping kids get organized

Do you have trouble having your kids get things done whether it is cleaning their room or getting to guitar lessons on time? When you have family members with different schedules and needs, how can you simplify organizing your days so that these things get accomplished with a minimum of stress? What about getting help from the kids to make this easier? I read an article that discussed an interesting Read more [...]
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Why Do Children Misbehave?

While it can sometimes feel like it, your children are not secretly plotting to take over the household for their own selfish purposes. Some parents feel powerless the first time their child acts contrarily to what mom wants. For others it happens at different stages, the well known terrible twos, the sullen pre-adolescent and let's not forget the disrespectful teen. Misbehavior can seem like a big Read more [...]
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Encouragement and Praise…Not the Same!

Understanding the Importance of Encouragement As parents, you hear a lot about a child's lack of confidence & low self esteem and that somehow it is your job to instill that in your children. But many parents go about this task and actually create a selfish, unmotivated and discouraged child instead of a child that has healthy self esteem. They do this by handing out continual praise and complements Read more [...]
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Is Punishment Necessary to Raise Good Kids?

As parents we must ask ourselves why we think punishment is a valid way to teach children how to grow into responsible adults. What does punishment foster in a child? If punishment really worked would you ever have to use it more than once? What does punishment, especially spanking do to a child's self esteem? And, if you don't punish, what do you do instead? Punishment instills fear and resentment. Read more [...]
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Using Logical and Natural Consequences…

Using consequences is the best discipline strategy to use in training children how to mange themselves, learn responsibility and be accountable for the choices they make. It relates to what you have probably heard from your parents growing up. 'Experience is the best teacher'. When you experience something it means much more to you than hearing or reading about it. Think about going skydiving. You Read more [...]
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Focusing on Fascia to Improve Chronic Pain

Recently, since the First International Fascia Research Congress held at Harvard in 2007,  fascia has emerged as an important topic of interest in the fields of physical medicine and rehabilitation, pain control, aging and sports. While this focus on the role of fascia in aging and sports is relatively new, many of us have been aware of the importance of fascia in the treatment of chronic pain for Read more [...]
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Sibling Fighting

Recently, we received a call from a concerned parent wanting to know if we had classes for a 12 year old who continually fights with her 4 year old brother. Interesting concept that any 12 year old would take a class on how NOT to fight with a younger sibling. This attitude that the problem lies with the child and not the parenting approach is a common one. Problems like these are easily solved Read more [...]
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Why a Blog?

Welcome to our blog. We've been on the internet for just about 15 years. Hard to believe it has been that long and amazing how much the internet  has changed. What started as a collection of health related articles from us and our peers has developed into a place where we can express our commitment  to sharing information, resources and products to support your health. Using this blog, we will Read more [...]
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